main prize
audience award


  School Name: Wytwórnia Antidotum
  Work title:

Tribute to Janusz Kapusta

  Materials used:

silver-plated copper, bras
folded and welded
casted resin

  Description of the work:

K- dron. Discovered in 1985 by Janusz Kapusta, Polish painter and artist interested in mathematics and philosophy. A first in the history solid combining gold and silver ratio in one geometrical form . Possessing  exceptional optical properties, K-dron's surface structure is both symmetrical and asymmetrical, concave and convex. Different arrangements of K-drons interact dramatically with light and shadow.
Two basic K-drons placed one on top of another form a perfect cube:   2 x K-dron = 1 Cube  
Janusz Kapusta's solid gave me an inspiration to create an interactive piece of jewellery
- a necklace with discretionary replaceable and easy to swap elements (twist-off string endings).
Play K-dron, an eleven-sided geometrical diamond-shaped beauty .  
More on K-dron at

  Dimensions and weight of the work:

string diameter: cm 17
k-dron elements: mm 29x29x29



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