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Fresh Metal contest was initiated in 2009 by Wytwórnia Antidotum. The participants of the first edition, students and alumni of two jewellery schools - Wytwórnia from Warsaw and Le Arti Orafe from Florence, were competing in a contest titled "5 grams" . According to the set up of the contest, Le Arti Orafe hosted last year edition. They designed contest's guidelines and chose as the theme: "Animals".

Contest title: GEOMETRIC WORLD


Contest objective:  To integrate young jewellery designers from different countries, allow them to cooperate and interact, become familiar with the newest trends and to compare their achievements.

Contest guidelines: Geometry as a source of inspiration, re-interpreted according to your own personal point of view . An exercise of precision, or intentional imprecision. Bi- three dimensional objects; Folded, engraved, cut, welded, assembled, empty objects, trompe-l' oeil... Deformations and modifications of the solids; impossible figures; " hot" and " cold" surfaces; false perspectives; modular repetition. Cubes, cones, parallelepipeds, pyramids, plans and angles.

Contest criteria: Individual items or sets which are considered as jewellery can be submitted into the contest. They can be made using any manual technique, and the participants may use any kind of material, as long as their work complies with contest's conditions. Competition entries will be evaluated in terms of quality, aesthetics and innovation.

Jury and the awards: The organizer plans to determine a first prize (winner) and 2 distinctions (1 for the best work for Le Arti Orafe, 1 for the work from Antidotum Workshop).
•  Main prize - 1/2 kg of 999 silver offered by the sponsor
•  Distinctions prizes (one distinction prize for each school): Tools Kit offered by the sponsor
Awards will be handed to the winner personally on the day of announcing the contest results, or at their request - by mail. The organizer reserves the right to distribute the awards differently.
The jury's verdict is final, no legal action can be taken. Till the time of the official announcement, the verdict is secret.

Conditions for participating in the contest: all students and graduates of Le Arti Orafe and Antidotum Workshop can participate in the contest. Each school could take part with maximum 35 works. Each participant can enter maximum of 2 works (sets of works). Group works are allowed, but only if group members are students or graduates, as above. Participants must send their candidature as follow:
•  Pieces for the contest and the exhibitions;
•  A CD or DVD containing:
•  a color image in " JPG" format, 150 DPI, and an image in " TIF" format at 300 DPI for each of the work presented for the contest
•  The fullfilled application form in "word" format
•  The printed and signed application form
Works should be delivered in packaging with guarantees their safety during transport and storage.
The organizer takes the responsibility for the sent work from the moment of receiving till the moment of sending them to the school that will organize the following exhibition.
Responsibility is limited to the amount of the cost of materials used to create the work, as determined in the entry form.
The works will be returned to the authors after the end of post-contest exhibition.

Contest schedule: works should be sending to the organizer, at the following address: LAO srl (Fresh Metal Contest), Via dei Serragli 104, I-50124 Firenze b efore February 15 th 2012.
Announcement of the contest result will be on 14 of April, 2012, while the exhibition in Firenze will take place in June 2012 ( the precise date of the exhibition in Florence is yet to be determined).
Exhibition, organized by Antidotum will take place in Amberif Fair (march 2012) and Jubinale Fair.

Contest brochure:  LE ARTI ORAFE will print a brochure with images and names of all the participants. Each participant will receive 2 copy of the contest's brochure.