main prize
audience award

Contest title: 5 grams

Organizer: Antidotum Workshop, Warsaw , Poland

Contest goal: to integrate young jewellery makers from different countries, enable them to cooperate and interact, become familiar with the newest trends and to compare their achievements.

Contest guidelines: Polish assay law allows the sale of jewellery items made out of silver without hallmarking if they weigh no more than 5g. This fact became a pretext to explore and check how far the imagination of a designer can move, limited by such a rigid mathematical dimension. We propose the designers to take up this challenge.

Contest criteria: Single items or sets can be entered into the contest, which function as jewellery. Contest works can be created by any hand technique (designs created using computer techniques are excluded), they must, however, fulfil the weight requirement, meaning that the weight cannot exceed 5g. They must be made entirely out of silver (of any purity). Moreover, the participant's technique will be graded, as well as the quality of the work, aesthetic value, and innovativeness of the form.

Jury and the awards: The organizer plans to determine a first prize winner, 2 distinctions (1 - for the best work for the Antidotum Workshop and 2 - for the work from Le Arti Orafe), and a winner of the audience award.
Main prize - half a kilo of 999 silver
Distinctions - amber rock weighting about 80g
Audience award - Art Clay 50 g
Additional award (Art Clay set with instructions of a DVD disc, for making silver jewellery independently) will be awarded through a lottery to a member of the voting audience. The additional award lottery will take place on the day of announcing the results of the contest.

Awards will be handed to the winner personally on the day of announcing the contest results, or at their request - by mail.
The organizer reserves the right to distribute the awards differently.

The contest's jury will include the teachers of the Antidotum Workshop and invited guests - known Polish artistic jewellery makers and members of trade media.

The jury's verdict is final, no legal action can be taken. Till the time of the official announcement, the verdict is secret.

Conditions for participating in the contest: all students and graduates of the Antidotum Workshop can participate in the contest, as well as Le Arti Orafe. Each participant can enter maximum of 2 works (sets of works). Group works are allowed, but only if group members are students or graduates, as above.
Works which do not meet the weight criteria will not be entered into the contest.

A condition for accepting work into the contest is sending it before the date given below along with an entry form, filled out and signed by the participant and authorised by the school, as well as providing photographic documentation of the work on a CD disc (min. one "packshot" type photo, on white background, in .jpg, .tiff or other format, adapted for offset printing, resolution 300 dpi, minimal width 1000 pixels). Works should be delivered in packaging with guarantees their safety during transport and storage.
The organizer take the responsibility for the sent work from the moment of receiving till the moment of taking them back by the author / sending them back to the school Le Arti Orafe, responsibility is limited to the amount of the cost of materials used to create the work, as determined in the entry form.
The works will be returned to the authors after the end of post-contest exhibition.

Contest schedule: works should be send to the organizer, at the following address: 02-937 Warszawa, ul. Orężna 39, Polska, before February 1 st 2009. Audience vote through the internet at between 8 th and 22 nd February 2009 .
Announcement of the contest result 28 February 2009, 4:30 PM at the organizer's school workshop, in Warsaw at ul. Narbutta 27 / 11 and through the internet address as above. Exhibition of contest works at the Anberif fair in Gdańsk , 11-14 March 2009. Post-contest exhibition, organized by Le Arti Orafe will take place on ...................................... at .......................... .

Contest brochure: Each participant will receive 1 copy of the contest brochure. 5 copies will be send to the school Le Arti Orafe.

Sponsors and media patrons:
Polska Biżuteria,